Skylar's way

Memorial travel fund

Our purpose is to raise awareness, celebrate, and thank Detroit’s First Responders for putting their lives on the line every day to protect and enhance our community and way of life.

About Skylar's way

“In honor of Skylar Herbert, Your Premier Travel Service (YPT) is honored to launch a memorial travel fund to support first responders in our community due to the effects of COVID-19. This fund was first imagined when this beautiful five year old girl in Detroit, the daughter of a police officer and firefighter, lost her battle from complications of coronavirus. The photo of the Herbert family’s trip to Disney World touched my heart forever, and I wanted to do my part to bring the Herbert family some happiness during this tough time like Skylar gave them during that vacation. Skylar’s Way Memorial Fund will be supported by YPT, our travel partners, and caring people like you through donations of travel vouchers, airline reward miles, and monetary donations.

As we know, we will all need a vacation break after this, but those on the front lines fighting to keep our communities safe are the most in need of some rest and relaxation after the pandemic. Research shows taking a vacation boosts happiness and decreases burnout, therefore YPT wants to make it possible for first responders to enjoy life with family and invest in themselves after this COVID-19 experience. Your Premier Travel Service will begin the campaign by donating $4,000 total, starting with $2,000 personally for the Herbert family, to fund those on the front lines: police officers, firefighters, nurses, doctors and EMTs. 

Through Skylar’s Way, YPT is working with the Herbert family and others in the community to select recipients. We will be partnering with individuals, community leaders, businesses and organizations to support our programs. The memorial fund will donate travel opportunities to first responders to use once travel restrictions are lifted. Skylar’s Way will also have a first responder health and wellness portal, which will offer links to general health/wellness resources. YPT wants first responders in the community to benefit from the positive effects of travel and mental health assistance so they can better cope with the stress a global pandemic puts on their livelihoods. 

YPT has gotten a great response so far to support this effort, and is continuing to build partnerships to further support the travel fund. You can nominate a first responder in your community below. You can also choose to donate frequent flyer miles from various airlines, airline vouchers, and money. YPT knows that one day our community will get past this tough time, but until then we want to do our part to assist in the only way we know how.”

Sanya Weston
Your Premier Travel

skylar on the news

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